Interview with Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Corporate Affairs Officer.

Coca-Cola FEMSA’s CAO, José Ramón Martínez, explains main sustainability achievements. Sustainable sourcing, environmental stewardship, promotion of healthy habits, and strengthening local communities. What would you say were Coca-Cola FEMSA’s main sustainability achievements during 2018? During 2018, we made good progress on our sustainability strategy aligned with Coca-Cola FEMSA ́s strategic […]


Meet the Capitals & Company Engagement of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Our Integrated Strategy is oriented to generate value to all our stakeholders considering our priorities, capitals and risks. Capitals and Company Engagement Human Capital: Our people and the way they work together are our company’s most valuable assets. Accordingly, we encourage the comprehensive professional and personal development of our people, while […]


For our Dear Fellow Stakeholders; Letter from our Chairman of the Board and our CEO.

Dear Fellow Stakeholders We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company’s incorporation and stock exchange listing—an entrepreneurial story of consistent growth, innovation, and value creation. We’ve grown from a Mexico-based bottler to a multinational, multi-category beverage leader, serving 290 million consumers and 2 million points of sale through 48 plants […]


Our clarity, consistency and commitment set us apart. – Integrated Report 2018.

These attributes underscore our clarity of vision, mission, and strategy. Our consistent focus on satisfying our consumers, shoppers, and clients’ needs, building our winning portfolio, transforming and empowering our operations to foster agility across our organization, carrying on our consumer and client-centric cultural evolution, and continuing our disciplined approach to capital allocation; and our unwavering […]


Coca-Cola FEMSA celebrates being part of the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) member companies as a twofold achievement.

This year Coca-Cola FEMSA joins the list of businesses the GEI recognizes for their commitment to both workplace equality and transparency. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore gender-related issues in the workplace. Evidence continues to show that policies and practices that promote gender equality and diversity benefit productivity, decision-making […]


#KOF Centers of Commercial Excellence

Coca-Cola FEMSA created and set in motion four Centers of Commercial Excellence. In order to contribute to the transformation of our Company, we have created and set in motion four Centers of Commercial Excellence, as a means to reach our strategic goals in a more efficient and sustainable manner. Actions […]


Coca-Cola FEMSA remains a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series.

The FTSE4Good Index Series is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. Investors increasingly demand high quality Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information from the companies in their investment universe. The starting point for this information is the companies themselves – hence […]