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KOF PH leads youth empowerment in Gat Andres Bonifacio Elementary School by providing students most in need with school supplies. Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines (KOF) has always been a staunch advocate of empowering the youth, with one of our main social outreach programs putting a focus on improving the welfare of schoolchildren. Last July, volunteers from the KOF PH Head Office visited the Gat Andres Bonifacio Elementary School (GABES) for the Balik-Eskwela (“Back to School”) program—an event that seeks to boost students’ scholastic performance by ensuring that they have adequate school supplies. Nearly 400 students across seven distinct school levels were given a school supplies—from writing instruments and art tools, from notebooks to school satchels—by KOF PH volunteers. KOF PH and the dedicated teachers of GABES worked closely together prior the event to ensure that the students who were most in need of support duly received their academic aid. Making sure that young students are ready for school—easing their burdens that they may fully focus on their studies—is part of the work that the Makers and […]


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An annual campaign of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines goes to the heart of the global company’s thrust to empower the communities it belongs in. Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines and its associates continued their annual tradition of proudly taking part in Brigada Eskwela, or the Back-to-School Brigade—a campaign led by the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) to help repair and prepare public schools nationwide before the regular opening of classes come. This year, our KOF volunteers spent a summer afternoon in the sponsored schools of their communities: painting walls, repairing chairs and tables, and leading general cleaning activities—and thus making sure that schoolchildren will return to clean, safe, and prepared schools this academic year. In the Philippines, May is Volunteerism Month—a commemoration realized by thousands of KOF PH associates all over the country, who staunchly believe that volunteerism plays an important role in our community development efforts. Please Join KOF Volunteers! Related Content: Coordinates for Life #KOF Philippines YPP Bootcamp at Coca-Cola FEMSA This is the story of our Sales Force The story of our Warehouse & Plant […]

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Coca-Cola FEMSA in Vigeo Eiris Emerging Market 70 Ranking

The Emerging Market 70 Ranking is a list comprised by the 71 best performing companies of 17 countries and 27 different sectors employing more than 2 million people. This ranking highlights a selection of companies from emerging markets based on Environmental, Social and Governance leading performances. The hightest global scores are meassured for the best practices in human rights, decent employement practices, environmental protection, corporate governance, business ethics and contributions to social and economic development in areas of operation. According to this ranking four contries of LatAm are listed on Emerging Markets: Brasil, Chile, Colombia and México. Coca-Cola FEMSA is one of the four companies based in México, operating in 9 contries of LatAm and in Philippines, Asia. There are only 4 Beverage companies listed on the ranking this year. Vigeo Eiris Methodology rates the companies based on a model of nearly 330 indicators on (ESG) environmental, social and governance practices.

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We are more than the Coke you know

We are more than the coke you know. We are the ones who get up at five, walk on twos, to reach the countless stores by sundown. We are the ones who reach places you didn’t even know they existed. We make ways, to make sure there’s a bottle of Coke in every store, in every home. We are the ones who make solutions to challenges after challenges. The truth is our jobs can be pretty demanding: We make the next bottle taste as good as the last. We pick, we pack. Our hard work is our heart’s work. With heads full of ideas, with a soul for the ideal. With team work, we will make our dreams work. The truth is our jobs can be pretty rewarding: We are the makers & sellers of ‘the’ drink. The drink that turns your every aaaargghhh, into aaaahhh ! We are the makers and sellers of the iconic bottle that brings people together. It’s an aaah-mazing job. Aaaah-dventure! And tomorrow we’ll do it all over again. Because […]


How is the weather?

“This is a very good year because of the weather” said Fabricio Ponce, the company’s chief executive officer in Philippines,  as he gave journalists a tour of Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Canlubang plant. “We were blessed.” For instance, recent typhoons skirted the Philippines, hitting China and Japan instead. The current stretch of fair and warm weather also prompted people to turn to soda to cool off. Mexico’s Coca-Cola FEMSA S.A. de C.V. entered the country in 2013 when it acquired 51% of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. from US multinational The Coca-Cola Co. From 2013 up to the first half of this year, Coca-Cola FEMSA’s investments in the Philippines have reached P97 billion. Our People at Coca-ColaFEMSA Philippines “We are here for the long term” Mr. Ponce said of the investment, which the company previously disclosed at around $800 million from this year until 2020. He expects the company’s local exposure to be “sustained” beyond the five-year period. Coca-Cola FEMSA’s “sparkling” brands, carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Coke Light and Sprite, as well as water brands Viva Mineral, […]


Meet KOF Brazil

Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world; and our history in Brazil began in May 2003, when FEMSA acquired 100% of the largest franchise of the Coca-Cola system in Latin America, PANAMCO, thus setting up Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil. In January 2007, partnering with The Coca Cola Company, Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF) acquired Jugos del Valle (JDV) with which it is able to aim towards a strong presence in the non-carbonated beverage market in Mexico and Brazil. 2016 was a great year, KOF extended Operations covering greater São Paulo, Campiñas, Santos, the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the state of Paraná, part of the state of Goias, part of the state of Rio de Janeiro and part of the state of Minas Gerais. Here is Brazil in numbers: Coca-Cola FEMSA in Brasil (Español)


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ONCE UPON A TIME… We are more than the coke you know This is the story of our Sales Force The story of our Warehouse & Plant team Coca-Cola FEMSA in Vigeo Eiris Emerging Market 70 Ranking Meet KOF Brazil Replenishing every drop of water Meet KOF Philippines by The Numbers YPP Bootcamp at Coca-Cola FEMSA 2016 Acquisition of Vonpar, increasing 25% the volume in Brazil and reaching 49% of the Coca-Cola system’s volume in the country. 2017 The Coca-Cola System welcomes AdeS® as the newest member of its expanding ready-to-drink beverage portfolio. Coca-Cola FEMSA selected as part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for the fifth consecutive year.


Taste Puerto Princesa Philippines

An archipelago of 7,107 tropical climate islands give life to the longest coastlines in the world. Rainforest, rugged mountains, volcanoes, and sand beaches offer some of the most exotic, diverse and intrinsic natural sceneries. These we have seen when we are on Tour: Philippines is the habitat to over 500 bird species and around 1,100 stunning orchid varieties. Proud home to the majestic Philippine Eagle and 8,500 different kinds of flowering plants. Among them we find our national symbol the sampaguita flower or better known as Arabian jasmine. Fun and adventurer times are endless! Explore the Puerto Princesa underground river in Palawan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on board of a tandemm. Nothing like being in the belly of limestone caves in the deep forest!  And if you are lucky to be there in sumer you might be around to witness the Bargatan Festival.  where all Palawan municipalities gather for a float competition they present during a colorful parade. Specialty #1 Sinigang – A hearty broth made with a tamarind base; green mango, pork or […]