Sustainability & Efficiency: responsibly address KOF operation’s impacts.

Embracing a holistic approach to sustainable development. We strategically, efficiently, and responsibly address KOF operation’s impacts across our value chain from sourcing to manufacturing, to distribution to community and sustainable development. Sustainable Sourcing We promote the growth and development of our suppliers, while improving their social position and reducing the […]

Coca-Cola FEMSA

KOF YPP – The Young Professionals Program for trainees.

YPP is a twelve-month program for trainees at Coca-Cola FEMSA. When 62% of the organization are millennials, there is a huge need to develop their skills and competencies. YPP – Young Professionals Program was launched for our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity. Our goal is to promote respect and […]

Coca-Cola FEMSA

Coca-Cola System in the Philippines ensuring children’s nutritional needs.

KOF has reached 50 schools with the Minute Maid Nurisha Supplementary Feeding Program. In 2008, The Coca-Cola Company initiated a global campaign to help address micronutrient deficiencies of children in vulnerable communities. Through the provision of a nutrient-fortified, great-tasting, ready-to-drink beverage—such as Minute Maid Nurisha in the Philippines. Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines […]

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10 KOF leader attitudes to face daily challenges

We aim to develop 10 key attitudes or attributes among our organization’s current and future leaders, to foster our vision of inspirational leadership, while addressing the challenges we face every day, KPS, the Innovative Human Resources Management at Coca-Cola FEMSA #KOF Leader Attitude 1 #KOF Leader Attitude 2 #KOF Leader Attitude 3 #KOF […]

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KPS, the Innovative Human Resources Management at Coca-Cola FEMSA.

A 24/7 office for our employees to self-manage their HR services from their computer and mobile devices. Technology, coupled with strategy, is invaluable when it comes to establishing a connection with our employees, especially across our multinational and multicultural organization. To strengthen this connection, our KOF People Services platform (KPS) will bring together in a single site […]


Energy Efficiency at Coca-Cola FEMSA

We strive for energy efficiency across our value chain. We further integrate clean and renewable sources of energy and technologies to reduce our carbon emissions thus contributing to climate change mitigation. Our operations’ energy consumption centers on a comprehensive strategy that encompasses our entire value chain. Consistent with this strategy, we have defined the following […]


Coca-Cola FEMSA and the World Water Day

Water is the main ingredient in the production of our beverages that meet our consumers’ hydration needs. We are especially committed to ensuring that we make efficient use of this invaluable natural resource for the benefit of our company, our communities, and our planet. Consistent with this commitment, we have established a comprehensive water strategy, […]


Our Winning Portfolio Buildup

41% of the brands in our portfolio are low or no calorie beverages. 31% of the brands in our portfolio have vitamins, fiber, minerals, or nutritional supplements. We are developing a portfolio of leading multicategory beverages, while promoting healthy habits locally—encouraging people across our communities to combine proper nutrition with physical education and activity throughout all stages of their lives. MULTI-CATEGORY […]


The 1,2,3 of our Responsible Marketing.

As leaders in the beverage industry, we recognize that we need to promote healthy habits in our communities. Aligned to our consumers preferences and ready to provide a winner beverage portfolio for each lifestyle, we are committed to execute responsible marketing of our products; encouraging people to combine proper nutrition with […]