Energy Efficiency at Coca-Cola FEMSA

We strive for energy efficiency across our value chain.

We further integrate clean and renewable sources of energy and technologies to reduce our carbon emissions thus contributing to climate change mitigation.

Our operations’ energy consumption centers on a comprehensive strategy that encompasses our entire value chain. Consistent with this strategy, we have defined the following 2020 goals:

• REDUCE THE CARBON FOOTPRINT of our value chain by 20% against our 2010 baseline.

• SUPPLY 85% OF THE ENERGY we use for manufacturing in Mexico from clean sources.

As part of our commitment to corporate sustainability, we measure our greenhouse gas emissions across each link in our chain—manufacturing, distribution, refrigeration, ingredients, and packaging—in order to reduce them in the coming years.

To reduce our CO2 (eq) emissions, we have implemented several initiatives, including using recycled resin, consuming renewable energy, implementing lightweight PET initiatives, and improving our manufacturing plants’ energy consumption, that have achieved significant benefits and savings.

To improve the way in which we report this information, we measured the impact of these efforts since 2011, estimating that we have avoided the emission of 718,431 tCO2 e from 2011 through 2016.











Our aim is to improve the energy efficiency of our manufacturing operations, while simultaneously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, we managed to increase our energy efficiency by 22% from 2010 to 2017.


From 2010 through 2017, we achieved a 35% decrease in our manufacturing operations CO2(eq) emissions, reaching 13.63 grams of CO2(eq) per liter of beverage produced in 2017.


By 2020, we look to satisfy 85% of our Mexican manufacturing operations’ energy requirements with clean energy. By year-end 2017, we achieved 57% coverage of our Mexican bottling operations’ power needs. Beyond our goal, we reached 100% clean energy utilization in our Brazilian manufacturing facilities.

For the year, we reduced our energy consumption by 7.15%, resulting in the following total savings:

• US$4.1 MILLION  Clean energy

• US$6.0 MILLION  Energy efficiency

• U$$10.1 MILLION  Total energy savings

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