Our capital in the integrated strategy of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Accelerating the transformation of our Company.

Our Integrated Strategy is oriented to generate value to all our stakeholders considering our priorities, capitals and risks.

This is the business approach related to the type of capital in Coca-Cola FEMSA.


Our business apporach to one of the pillars of our strategic business framework is encouraging the comprehensive professional and personal development of our people. Through our continuous evolution, we are creating a strong, unified corporate culture, founded on the cornerstones of inspirational leadership, talent management and development, and innovation. In this way, we look to attract, retain, and develop the best multicultural talent to ensure our sustainable success.


Our business is committed to the responsible use of our natural resources. As the main ingredient in our beverages, we have a comprehensive water strategy, focusing on ensuring efficient water management in our operations, facilitating access to safe water and sanitation in our communities and implementing water conservation and replenishment projects to the environment. We also work to increase energy efficiency across our value chain, while integrating clean and renewable energy to reduce our carbon emissions. In addition, we optimize our packaging materials through continuous packaging innovation; increase in the use of recycled materials and participation in schemes and models that support post-consumption collection.


Our communities and other stakeholders are key enablers of our business success. Accordingly, we are committed to creating economic, environmental, and social value by encouraging dialogue and collaboration with our neighbors and stakeholders in order to develop and implement programs and initiatives that address their particular needs, and guarantee the continuity of our social license to operate.


Our financial and operating discipline, strong capital structure and financial flexibility, passionate team of professionals, transformational initiatives, and adaptability to changing market dynamics enable us to capture organic and inorganic growth opportunities in our industry, while creating sustainable value for our investors.


Through our centers of excellence (CoEs), our business is creating sustainable competitive advantages across our value chain. By developing our critical commercial, supply chain, and manufacturing, distribution and logistics capabilities—while designing and deploying key transformational initiatives—our CoEs drive innovation, generate operating efficiencies and savings, and foster intellectual development across our organization.


Through our highly experienced team of specialists, we operate 64 bottling plants and 324 distributions centers across 10 countries, our company delivers approximately 4 billion unit cases through a primary and secondary fleet of 30,000 trucks to 2.8 million points of sale and serves a population of 381 million annually.

Guided by our Integrated Strategy, we are accelerating the transformation of our Company.

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