We are more than the Coke you know

We are more than the coke you know. We are the ones who get up at five, walk on twos, to reach the countless stores by sundown.

We are the ones who reach places you didn’t even know they existed.

We make ways, to make sure there’s a bottle of Coke in every store, in every home.

We are the ones who make solutions to challenges after challenges.

The truth is our jobs can be pretty demanding:

We make the next bottle taste as good as the last.

We pick, we pack. Our hard work is our heart’s work.

With heads full of ideas, with a soul for the ideal.

With team work, we will make our dreams work.

The truth is our jobs can be pretty rewarding:

We are the makers & sellers of ‘the’ drink.

The drink that turns your every aaaargghhh,

into aaaahhh !

iconic bottle coca cola femsa

We are the makers and sellers of the iconic bottle

that brings people together.

It’s an aaah-mazing job.


And tomorrow we’ll do it all over again.

Because here’s the truth:


makers and sellers of coca cola femas phillipines

Who are we? We are the makers & sellers of the Coke you know.

We are Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.

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